Team Building


Booking your Career Chats by NSD Pam Higgs

Hi ______________, this is __________, do you have a quick minute? Great! Listen, I need your help! As you may know, I’m in leadership training with Mary Kay, and one of my assignments is to practice sharing our marketing plan with the sharpest women I know and get their feedback and ____youre at the TOP of my LIST! MK might be something you would never consider for yourself, and that’s perfectly OK with me, but I would go to the moon to ask for your help and feedback on this,! I’ll even treat you to a cup of coffee and a free gift  as a thank you – how does that sound?!? Great! Is Tuesday or Wednesday better for you? (Set time and date….if she asks, you may want to let her know to plan for a half hour.) It’s so easy! I’ll send you a link to watch/listen to a video with some information before we meet and that will give you the some information so that you can ask me some great questions for practice when we get together! Thank you soooo much, _________! You have NO idea how much your feedback is helping with my training!

Give her a gift wrapped super cute. Sample size eye makeup remover, mascara, or hand cream. You can also use regular eye shadow or something small. 


Keep in mind a s you build your team your director will help you as will to help you build your team and your confidence


Moving Up the Career Path


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