New Consultants Steps to Success

Welcome & Congratulations

Congratulations on your decision to become an Independent Beauty Consultant! I truly believe the reason for your success now and in the future can be traced to one common factor:  People Like You with a Dream and a Vision for a Better Life!  Welcome to FEARLESS National Area!  We are Rising High and Making Dreams Come True!  Remember God wouldn’t give you a Dream in your heart without the ability to make it happen!  NOW you have the vehicle to take you there!


We lead the way for the FEARLESS National Area in the Emerald Seminar!


I love this business because you never stop learning, and there are always opportunities to grow.  As a new Consultant, I strongly urge you to start scheduling and holding your first appointments as soon as you receive your starter kit, because what you lack in experience you can make up in enthusiasm!  Although you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of continuous education in your business, activity will provide your greatest sense of learning.  Mary Kay herself often said, “You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do everything wrong with the right attitude and succeed beyond your dreams!”  The first few weeks in your new business can really set the pace for your future.


I am so excited for you!  I care about your future and I am committed to helping you succeed.  You’ll want to try all the products and start working on your contact list.  As always, I will match my time 100% with your effort!  Be patient with yourself and just take it one step at a time.

These recordings are referenced in your New Consultant Welcome Packet.


Hello Incredible You!

Step by Step to Success

Complete the following Steps:

  1. Tell Me About You! 
  2. Quick Start Go Kit
  3. Social Media Go Kit – for building your business online!
  4. Make a list of everyone that you can think of that has skin! Put a * next to the ones that love to have girlfriends over and entertain, these will be the ones that you ask to be one of your first face models and share it with their friends and family. Next put a 🙂 next to the ones that are large and in charge, they have great energy, love to be the boss. These will be the ones to doing your Pearl Girl training because we value their opinion. Message me and let me know when you would like to do them. We usually do these shares by phone every 30 minutes back to back. You WIN your HOT HOT HOT Sunglasses and Pearls of Sharing Earrings from me when we do your first 5 within a week! Earn your Bracelet with 5 more and the matching necklace when you sign your 1st Team Member!!! 
  5. Options to Start your Business Off Right
    Text your director to let her know when you watch the Next Step video so she can then go over the FREE products that you can earn as a New Consultant. When you chat in the next 24 hours you will WIN your first prize!!
  6. Begin setting up your first 8 parties – select a two week period you are going to focus on.  Let your director know what dates you are working with.  Use these Invites!
  7. Set a date to hold your Pearl Girl Chats with your Director.
  8. Please request to be added to these 2 groups for the latest training, inspiration, announcements recognition and motivation
  9. Login to and complete your First Steps Tutorial
    • Setup your Mary Kay Website
    • Order your Business Card Kit
    • Setup your ProPay account
  10. Begin your MKU and watch the first 3 videos. These will help you start your business and even help you unpack and organize your starter kit too!  Vox your Director after you have watched each video with what you learned! 
  11. Download your Unit Chat App by searching for “VOXER” in the Apple or Google Play Store and then message me in the App!
  12. Listen to the Million $$ Message everyday

13. Analyze your personality

14. Set Your Goal


New Consultant Contests

Pearl Girl Training

Pearl Girl Training

Hold five sharing appointments (with the sharpest, most energetic
people you know) within a 7-day period in your first 30 days and win your MK Sunglasses!

Red Jacket Challenge

Red Jacket Challenge

Add 3 Team Members and order your Red Jacket from the Company plus have $2,000+ ws in team orders in your first 60 days and earn your choice of one of these prizes!

Practice Portfolio Challenge

Practice Portfolio Challenge

Complete your Practice Portfolio by completing 30 Faces in your
first 30 Days plus an $800+ ws reorder and you will get your MK Business Bag.

Qualifying Order

Qualifying Order

Place your qualified order in your first 7 days and earn your Pink Ice Ring! Be sure to text me to let me know your ring size. 

Perfect Start

Perfect Start

Book 8 girlfriend pampering sessions (3+ adults) in a two-week period in your first 30 days, hold at least 5 of them and place a minimum $600 ws order and win your MK Beauty Coat


The Perfect Party!

You can send copies to Office Max to print if you would like …. you will receive a Mary Kay discount.


Instructions to fill your Rollup Bags

Demos to pull from your first order for your parties:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • satin lips
  • foundation primer
  • foundation brush (you’ll eventually want to build to six)
  • skinvigorate brush

Pocket #1 Put a large Mary Kay plastic bag, your business card and your complete full skin care set

Pocket #2 Micro dermabrasion, foundation primer and foundation brush. (You can add an optional I make up remover because a lot of people will add this on)

Pocket #3 Dash out the door; two cream to powder eyeshadow’s, mascara and lipgloss

Pocket #4 Number four is satin set which includes Satin hands and satin lips

Be sure all products run in the same direction so you can present your bags professionally and also put them on their side while presenting

COPIES SHOULD BE MADE IN COLOR. EITHER COPY YOURSELF OR YOU CAN SEND TO FedEx Office or Office Depot to double-sided copies and put in a 3-ring binder

FedEx Discount Card

Office Depot Discount Card

Booking from Parties

Check out how to get your books LOADED Quick!!!!

How to get 2 bookings from every party



How to CRUSH Your Business

Be Organized

Manage Your Money Like A Boss

Time Management

How to do a 2nd Appointment Part 1

How to do a 2nd Appointment Part 2

How to Build Both Clients & your Team


24 hour ideas for $600+ in sales ideas

$600 Order Scripts & Ideas

Hi Nicole! It’s Jessica  Totally random but I need to sell 24 items in the next 24 hours to hit a HUGE Mary Kay goal! Any chance you or anyone around needs a mascara or anything? ?

Hey __________!  ?  I’m having an MK “Mascarathon” right now! It’s a contest with my unit to sell the most mascaras and I really want to win!  For the next 24 hours ONLY, when you order a mascara you get an eyeliner HALF PRICE!! So you get a mascara & eyeliner for only $22.50!  OR you can buy a mascara, eyeliner, & oil-free eye make-up remover bundle for $40! Let me know if you want to help me out and get one or two or three! 

Hey ______________! ? I am so excited! I just started a new business with Mary Kay and I am working on my very first order! ? My goal is to have 20 friends order $30 of product so I can start of with a bang!  Take a look at my website – We have over 200 products for men, women and teens!  I know you’ll find something you love!  My deadline is ____________. Thanks so much for your support! 

Hey _______!  I am so excited! I just started a new business with Mary Kay!  As a part of my training, I am sharing a best-selling family product called Satin Hands! ? It’s very popular & you may have even tried it!  I have 36 hours to sell 36 sets at the special price of $36!  Would you like to buy a set? ? 

I’m SOOO excited to have a Great Start with my brand new MK business!!  ? Help me win and you’ll win too! I’m looking for 12 women to spend at least $50. You’ll earn a free gift and when I hit my goal you’ll go into a drawing for a free ___________.   Do you need mascara? Satin hands? Cleanser?  Lipstick? 

Hey [name]!  It’s official! I’m a brand new Mary Kay consultant! I want everyone to have a chance to experience these amazing products!  I’m placing my first order on August 28th and I have a goal to sell $300 of product to put toward it!  Do you need cleanser? Mascara? A catalog? I only need $211 more to reach my goal! 

Hey girl! I have set my first big goal with my new mk business to sell $1200 so I can earn a gorgeous designer necklace and earn some amazing product bonuses too! ?? That’s only 25 Charcoal Masks and 30 mascaras! 

The mask sucks out blackheads and gunk from 2 layers deep under your skin!  It’s only $24 and lasts 4 months OR Lash Intensity is the BOMB TOO and lasts 3 months!  Can I put you down for one or both of those?! You can also help by sharing me with your friends! Thanks for helping a girl out! ?


Have a $1000 Day!!!!

By:  SD Susi Felice 
1st recording: 
Listen to my Vox

2nd recording:
Listen to my Vox

Dropbox link for documents:

Hey Suzy! I am reaching out because I am super excited – I decided to be an entrepreneur and I opened my own Mary Kay Business! I am looking forward to (insert what you want: providing extra for my family in a flexible way). 

My director has given me my first challenge and that is to sell $24 to 24 people in 24 hours. Ahh! ? Please take a look at the cute picture and let me know if there is anything you need or want. Any amount works actually. Let me know if you can help me with my goal, thanks either way! 


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