I am Speechless!  Wow this message is amazing!
And now, as Paul Harvey always said, you get to hear….the REST of the story!  Cynda Worrell made 6 messages about overcoming obstacles!! Hear her STORY to truly understand what an obstacle is. She did not just face cancellations and no’s, she gained her wisdom from tackling true life obstacles that would stop most of us dead in our tracks. I asked her to make a message sharing and she created this MASTERPIECE. Hope you all listen and gain perspective and appreciation for our MK opportunity and for Cynda’s courage and perseverance like I did.

From Trials to Triumph – Sales  Director Cynda Worrell’s I-Story
Listen to my Vox!


Results are Absent of Excuses – ENSD Pam Shaw


Sensational Starts


The Most Significant Day of my Life – NSD Lia Carta


Wake Up Higgs Area


Power Boost Higgs Area


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